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WANTAI SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test

WANTAI SARS-COV-2 Rapid Antigen Test is a lateral flow immunofluorescent assay (FIA) intended for screening of high risk individuals for the COVID-19 virus, using nasopharyngeal (NP) and oropharyngeal (OP) swab specimens. 

Our rapid antigen test kits are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods 345191. 


If you are unsure of how to use the kits, our health practitioners can supervise you via video call. An instructional video will also be sent to you. 

Please note that the test kits must be used by relevant practitioners, or persons under their supervision, who are trained in the correct use of the goods and the interpretation of the test results.


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Rapid antigen test kits are available for purchase now



Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare, carry out and read the results of the rapid antigen test. 


  1. Open the extraction buffer and pour 12 drops of the fluid into the vial tube. Close the vial tube with the lid that is supplied.

  2. Remove the swab from the packet. Insert the swab into the patient’s nostril until you feel resistance. Roll the swab firmly around the inside of the nostril. Do the same in both nostrils.

  3. Take the vial tube and open the lid. Place the tip of the swab in the tube and swirl it around multiple times. Ensure that the swab is submerged in the fluid. 

  4. Take the swab out and dispose it. Place the lid firmly back on the vial tube. 

  5. Gently squeeze the extraction tube to place 4 drops of the fluid into the circular area of the test cassette. 

  6. Wait 15 minutes for the results. One line at the “C” is negative, and two lines at the “C” and “T” is positive.

Instructional video

Rapid antigen tests Melbourne.png

What is a Rapid Antigen Test?
A Rapid Antigen Test is a quick and effective way to test for COVID-19. The tests play an important supplemental role in screening large groups of high risk individuals for the virus.


Why use a Rapid Antigen Test?

The test helps with the screening of individuals suspected of infection. Results are available in 15 minutes, allowing your business to continue operating in a manner that is safe to your staff and community. 

Who can purchase the Rapid Antigen Tests?

Business owners, corporate entities, industry groups and other organisations can purchase the tests for their workplace with supervision from health practitioners. Staff who are trained in the correct use of the tests and interpretation of test results can also carry out the tests. At Suretest, we have health practitioners who can help guide your business through rapid antigen testing protocols via video call. 

Can the Rapid Antigen Tests detect the new coronavirus variant?

WANTAI can confirm our rapid antigen tests can detect the new Omicron virus variant.

What should I do if I test positive on the Rapid Antigen Test?

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test, you are a case. You must report your positive rapid antigen test result as soon as you can. To report your result, call the Coronavirus Hotline at 1800 675 398, or fill in this online form: COVID-19 Positive Rapid Antigen Test Self-Reporting Form



1-19 boxes-   $3.95/test (197.50/box)


20-99 boxes- $3.80/test ($190)


100-199 boxes- $3.60/test ($180)

200-999 boxes- $3.50/test ($175)


1000-1999 boxes- $3.40/test ($170)

2,000- 3000 boxes: $3.15/test ($157.50)


Over 3000 boxes: Price per application.

Note: 1 box contains 50 tests. 

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